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About Stonewall Creek

Floating deck over a Las Vegas koi pond.

Stonewall Creek is a koi pond construction company that designs and builds ponds in Las Vegas, and services/maintains ponds, waterfalls and all other water features. Because of the craftsmanship and quality we delivered in the pond industry our clients have demanded we enter the design, maintenance and construction of landscapes and hardscapes (pavers/retaining walls). Our crews are experienced, educated and most importantly very creative. At Stonewall Creek we do not believe in the cookie cutter approach to any project, and no idea has ever proven to be too “CRAZY”.

We strive to give our clients the best service possible.

By working closely with our clients and listening to their needs, we aim to leave them with a finished product above and beyond their expectations of our services. Whether it’s a koi pond/landscape clean out, an artistic paver labyrinth, or building a massive custom water feature – you can be sure that Stonewall Creek has a crew with the knowledge, passion, and drive to build it just right for you!

A beautiful backyard koi pond with a bridge, fire pit, and custom hardscapes.
Man-Made Beach with Sandy Shore.

Official inventor of the modern day sand-bottom Beach Pond.

The founder of Stonewall Creek, Hector Mardueño, created a new way to build sand-bottom ponds with crystal clear water that doesn’t turn septic. Koi fish and people can swim together in a chlorine-free clean pond that lasts a lifetime. Pond builders and enthusiasts alike have had many problems building sand ponds for centuries, as they usually become septic and no longer swimmable. Today, Hector’s new building method is reshaping the industry standard of commercial and residential ponds in North America.

It’s the year 2021, and although quarantines are still happening, we’re proud to offer these beautiful modern pond beaches to be installed for home owners and stay-at-home businesses throughout the country.
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Helix Pond Contractor of the Year

Our work was showcased in American Builders in Las Vegas.

Authorized Helix Pond Contractor of the year awarded in 2017

ICPI Certified and Water Smart Contractors

Pond Building Water Smart Contractor
ICPI Certified in Las Vegas, NV.

Meet Our Hardworking Team

Hector Mardueño

Tamara Mardueño

Darth Vader

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