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We offer the very best selection of koi fish for sale in Las Vegas, NV. These beautiful koi varieties are raised with the best quarantining procedures to provide optimum health and longevity. Feel free to browse through some of our koi varieties in stock below.

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The Bekko is a solid colored koi fish with black spots on its body. Bekko koi are produced in three colors; white, red, and yellow.


The Kohaku koi has a white body with red markings across the fish.


The Sanke koi body consists of three colors: a white body with red and black spots. The word “Sanke” literally means “tri-color” in Japanese.


The Showa variety is very similar to the Sanke koi; but unlike the Sanke, the Showa koi fish is black and has red and white spots on its body.


Asagi koi have metallic blue bodies and white heads that are sure to catch your attention.

Gin Matsuba

With a shiny silver body and blue tips on its scales, the Gin Matsuba koi fish is one of the most elegant known koi varieties.

Koi Fish FAQs

Koi fish have a typical life span ranging from 30 to 60 years. There are authenticated cases, however, in which koi have lived over 200 years.

There are more than 20 varieties of koi fish that differ in color, patterns and type of scales. 

Koi fish are omnivores and will eat anything from mealworms to watermelons.

Domestic Koi fish can grow up to 3 feet long but size depends on a number of factors like its genetics, food, water quality, their population in the koi pond, and the environment.

It’s recommended to keep under four koi per 1,000 gallons of pond water, sticking to this will allow a healthy environment for the fish to grow and thrive.

Koi fish can get sunburnt, even when they’re underwater. Giving them a little bit of shade can protect them from the sun and help them stay cool.

Various types of koi fish underwater photography
Healthy koi fish being cared for at Stonewall Creek Fish Store Sale
red, white and yellow koi fish swimming in a pond