New Method to Build Koi Ponds with Beach Sand & Crystal Clear Water in Las Vegas

A pond building company in Las Vegas, Nevada, Stonewall Creek, announced the launch of a new method they invented to build koi ponds with sand and crystal clear water. This method has been changing the way backyards are being made in the Las Vegas Valley, and is rapidly catching on as a trend throughout the US.

This newly launched building method for natural swim ponds aims to help homeowners enjoy a sandy beach style paradise in their own backyards; where they can swim in ultra-clear water that can handle large fish loads with sand across the bottom, without all the maintenance issues that usually come with koi ponds of this type.

A beautiful Las Vegas natural swimming pool/pond with sand, multiple koi fish varieties, and beachfront with a floating deck in a custom landscaped backyard by Stonewall Creek.
Backyard pond design idea created by Stonewall Creek © 2020 Las Vegas, NV.

This is something that’s been impossible to achieve in the past, and this solution couldn’t have been invented in a better time than to end off 2020’s quarantine season with a newly installed backyard beach pond oasis.

Stonewall Creek is the only company in the United States that constructs ponds using this new method. Hector Mardueño, the owner of Stonewall Creek, discovered the process that allows koi ponds to sustain crystal clear, clean and swimmable water all year-round with beach sand throughout the bottom, without the use of chlorine.

Usually, the company installs these beach ponds in backyards and commercial properties throughout Las Vegas. The ponds can also have an added customizable surrounding beachfront landscape to simulate the beaches of the Caribbean right in the middle of the Mojave desert.

What is the S.A.N.D. Method for Building Beach Ponds?

The proprietary pond filtration method (S.A.N.D.) has been perfected 3 years in the making after many modifications and rigorous testing. This method allows ponds to sustain high quality water with levels of clarity that is otherwise impossible to achieve without the use of chlorine.

In addition, Stonewall Creek’s natural sand ponds are able to take on large fish loads, as well as people bathing in them. This makes a much more desirable natural swimming pool for homeowners throughout the United States.

People can swim regularly with koi fish in these new ponds since the water doesn’t have toxic chemicals and also stays entirely clean simultaneously. Swimming with koi is desirable by many, and the koi can become very social with their keepers to the point where one can hold and feed them.

Natural swimming pool builders have issues with algae on a regular basis. However, Stonewall Creek’s pond building process is changing the industry standard.

The Best Way to Build a Backyard Pond Beach

The company’s founder Hector, said: “What we focused on right off the bat with our pond filtration process was to not have fishy water, as Americans usually swim in clear water. Most people would shy away from swimming in a natural pool with green, yellow or brown water tinted with fish residue. And that’s what makes us proud to be able give our clients pond water so clean that it looks blue. A lot of people ask us if we dye the water – we do not.”

In The United States, the majority of ponds are built with gravel or sand which can both turn septic depending on their filtration and how often they’re maintained. They collect fish waste, debris, and it can all decay mixing into the water because the filtration system doesn’t filter out everything it needs to.

A benefit to having a natural swimming pool is the fact that it is a usable water feature in the winter in areas where water does not freeze. This means that one can add aquatic plants, edible water plants such as watercress, taro plants, mint, ginger, tomatoes, peppers, bacopa, water celery, pennywort, and more to their pond.

“We tuck the plants in between rocks, and we make wetland areas where we have water that naturally runs through them,” added Hector.

Interestingly enough, this makes the plants an integral part of their new pond filtration system.

Aquatic plants eat up the nutrients that the algae would usually eat, slowing down the growth of the algae. Due to the way the Stonewall Creek filtration system works, one can plumb it and use the filtration system for hydroponics.

When it comes to koi ponds Las Vegas is a city with a sizeable population of retirees that enjoy having them at their own home. If you’re looking for koi pond ideas, browsing this portfolio will help you put together a pond that’s right for you.